"Vendors in Need" Fundraiser

Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc is raising funds for “VENDORS in NEED” who have been affected by the St. Jacobs Farmers Market Fire. Please help & donate.

Grainharvest Breadhouse has lost a great community retail outlet, but we feel fortunate in a way because we have two other retail stores to fall back onto (3-105 Lexington Rd, Waterloo & 3-200 Lorraine Avenue, Kitchener). But our sympathy goes out to the other vendors, who have lost so much in this devastating fire, who don’t have an option like us. So we are starting a fundraiser for those “Vendors in Need”, for those who lost all their inventory & crafts and had no insurance, no other retail store or other means of selling their products until the new market will be rebuilt.

Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc will not benefit from any of those proceeds

"Vendors in Need" on CTV News, watch this Link:


Here is how you can donate:

  •  Donation Boxes in our retail stores (3-105 Lexington Rd,  Waterloo & 3-200 Lorraine Avenue, Kitchener)
  •  Directly into an account we set up for the “ Vendors in Need”
    •   CIBC, Transit # 04252, Account # 8470731
  •  Send a cheque payable to "Vendors in Need" to: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc, 3-105 Lexington Road, Waterloo, ON N2J 4R8

Thank you everyone for helping out!