Grainharvest Breadhouse Raises A Lot Of 'Dough' for KidsAbility

Grainharvest Breadhouse Raises A Lot Of 'Dough' for KidsAbility

“Long Time Local Business Shows What They're Made Of”


Grainharvest Breadhouse Raises Funds, Awareness And Community Spirit For KidsAbility

On September 27, 1989, Grainharvest Breadhouse opened its doors – and the community has benefitted ever since from the quality artisanal breads they bake on a daily basis. Over time, owners Hubert Wurm, Roland Berchtold and David Nötzold added new stores and even supplied bread for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.

Looking back, however, one of the things they’re most proud of took place in June 2013. That’s when the owners decided to give back to the community that had made them so successful.

“We wanted to support a good cause, so we started to look at local charities,” explains Wurm. “We were familiar with KidsAbility and felt we could help their children.”

Berchtold adds, “Children are our future. The ones at KidsAbility go through a lot. They have various disabilities and we want to support them in their journey.”

Nötzold also liked the fact that the majority of the money donated to KidsAbility went to the kids. “It was important to us that most of our donation would go to the cause and not to administration and fundraising costs.”

After KidsAbility became their charity of choice, the three owners had to figure out how to support them. “David came up with the idea to donate 10 cents from every pretzel sold to KidsAbility,” says Wurm. “It’s really a win-win. Clients get a great-tasting pretzel while giving to a wonderful charity.”

Lisa Talbot, Executive Director of KidsAbility Foundation, notes, “Our association with Grainharvest has been quite remarkable. To date, more than 100,000 pretzels have been sold in

support of KidsAbility. They’re wonderful ambassadors, spreading the word about KidsAbility while showing other organizations that they too can have an impact – no matter their size.”

None of the owners at Grainharvest could have predicted how successful this program would become. As Wurm states, “If you look at the numbers, we started off slowly and now it just keeps growing and growing. Over a two-year period we have raised $10,042.80 for KidsAbility!”

Nötzold adds, “We’re very happy with KidsAbility. It’s a locally recognized cause – and everyone seems to know somebody who has received therapy at the Centre.”

As the needs of the community continue to grow, KidsAbility is thankful for organizations like Grainharvest Breadhouse. After all, simply by selling pretzels, they’ve made a huge difference in the lives of children and youth with special needs.

Photo Below: (Left to right): Michael (KidsAbility client sitting in the wheelchair), Linda Kenny (CEO, KidsAbility), Hubert Wurm, Roland Berchtold, David Nötzold and Charmaine Brown (Senior Development Officer, KidsAbility Foundation).


More About KidsAbility

KidsAbility Centre for Child Development is the recognized leader in Waterloo Region and Wellington County for empowering children and youth with a wide range of complex special needs.

Over 5,600 children and youth annually receive services and support at KidsAbility so that they can reach their full potential. This includes children who cannot walk or talk properly; premature and “at risk” babies; preschoolers who need support and therapy to be successful in school; and children with complex medical syndromes who require therapy and medical support in the following three broad categories of disability:

1)     Developmental delays such as premature babies, Down syndrome, autism, coordination disorders and other rare medical syndromes;

2)     Communication delays or disabilities; and

3)     Physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy.

KidsAbility Foundation inspires and engages community partners, individuals and groups to help make a difference in children’s lives. Through the annual Kids Can’t Wait campaign donations raised through our generous community help to bridge the ever widening gap between what the provincial government provides and what is actually needed to provide the care to our clients. Without this generous support, more children would be waiting even longer to receive the care that they deserve and so desperately need. Presently, there are approximately 570 individual children waiting for services at KidsAbility.