European specialty baked goods

You don’t have to be European or be a world traveller to appreciate European baked specialties. In fact, it’s highly likely that you already enjoy traditional European favourites without realizing their origin.

Bread making in Austria and Germany is an art and is seen to have a “bread culture”. Loaves, buns and rolls freshly made from rye, whole grains, and especially sourdough grace practically every table in European communities. Those recipes and traditions have spread worldwide, and local artisan bakers, such as those at Grainharvest Breadhouse in Waterloo, maintain those traditions. Specialties such as large soft pretzels, served warm, have become popular internationally.

European sweet treats are renowned! One famous favourite is the Apple Strudel. Originating in Vienna in Austria in the mid 1800’s, Apple Strudel, or Apfelstrudel, is a sweet layered pastry folded around a firm and tart apple filling and then baked and sprinkled with sugar. In Ontario, an apple of choice for the filling is the local Northern Spy apple, among others.

Danishes are another familiar favourite. And here’s a little-known fact – while the name of this baked treat suggests they come from Denmark, the recipe actually came from Viennese bakers who were employed in the late 1800’s during a bakery strike in Denmark. Unlike the North American versions, true Danishes or Weinerbrød are made from pastry that is not as sweet, similar to croissant pastry with a variety of sweet and savoury fillings.

Of course, don’t forget Stollen, sweet and rich fruit bread filled with dried fruits and nuts with a marzipan filling. Although Christmas Stollen is a traditional Christmas tradition, you can enjoy other varieties such as hazelnut or poppy throughout the year from the Grainharvest Breadhouse artisan bakery in Waterloo.

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