Delicious meals with artisan baked goods

Delicious meals with artisan baked goods

Time spent sharing a tasty meal is one of the simple joys in life. While planning appealing and nutritious meals for 365 days of the year can be a challenge, one easy way to keep meals interesting is to simply change ingredients to alter the overall experience.

Any sandwich can go from basic to sublime by exploring the wide variety of artisan breads and rolls available from artisan bakeries such as Grainharvest Breadhouse in Waterloo. For instance, consider your basic grilled cheese sandwich – cheese toasted between two slices of bread. It’s satisfying and filling, but can get boring after a while. Now kick up things up a notch - use slices of Asiago Cracked Pepper bread to make your humble grilled cheese and it becomes an exotic flavour adventure! Gluten free breads from the Circle of Life line of baked goods can be enjoyed by those with or without dietary restrictions.

Culinary adventures using artisan baked goods is not limited to sandwiches! Mouth-watering burgers hot off the barbeque are a whole new taste sensation when served on hearty Pretzel Buns. Moist, tasty chunks of the circular Jalapeno Garlic bread can be scooped out to become a serving bowl for delicious dips using the pieces of bread and crispy farm-fresh vegetables for dipping. Any meal can have a special touch when accompanied by a bread basket filled with warm garlic bread or a variety of organic buns.

Wheat free and gluten free pie shells available from the Circle of Life line of baked goods allow many diners requiring specialty diets to enjoy fresh-baked desserts tailor made to their needs. Vanilla ice cream between two Sesame Crunch cookies makes for a tasty treat.

Visit the Grainharvest Breadhouse locations in Waterloo, Kitchener and the St. Jacobs’ Farmers Market for your freshly baked artisan buns, bread and sweet treats. Meal planning will never be boring! Call 519-725-1920 or follow Grainharvest Breadhouse on Facebook orTwitter to find out more about new products and specials.